Why/when would you use a class-based component vs a functional component.

With a functional component you can’t set the state, with a class based component, you can set the state.

What is create-react-app?

This is a quick command to build a simple react app that can then be edited.

What is JSX?

JavaScript XML, which is basically HTML but in React.

How does React work?

React uses a virtual DOM so that it can update the front end much more quickly than base JavaScript.

How does the virtual DOM work in React?

React quickly updates the virtual DOM instead of…

Discuss in words something that you learned in class today or this week.

We’ve mostly been focused on React this week. It’s definitely different to how I’ve been building websites in the past, and it’s hard to wrap my brain around.

What is the difference between between state and props?

Props are objects that a React app accepts as its first argument. States are data that change during the instance.

What is ReactDOM? What is the difference between ReactDOM and React?

ReactDOM is a package that allows for DOM specific methods to be used in an app.

React is a…

Tell me about a project that you’re particularly proud of. What did you do that worked out so well?

As silly as it might sound, the barber shop project from way back in the beginning of the class might be what I’m most proud of. It looks great, it was challenging, and required a lot of changing, saving, hair pulling, rechanging. It took me a while, and in the end it turned out looking very nice.

How do you do testing, and what do you think about it? How would you improve QA?

I mostly just fiddle around with applications…

How does Node.js handle child threads?

As far as I can tell, Node only works with single threads, so child threads aren’t actually used.

What tools can be used to assure consistent style?

Always using the same

List out the differences between AngularJS and NodeJS.

Angular seems to be more useful for larger applications, is written entirely in JS and doesn’t need to be installed on your machine to use.

Node is more useful for smaller, local apps, is written in multiple languages and needs to be installed locally to use.

What are the advantages of NodeJS?

Node is very compatible with and even runs on the same engine as Google. It’s easily scalable, and is open source.

What is meant by JSON?

JSON is JavaScript Object Notation

What’s the difference between operational and programmer errors?

Operational errors are errors that happen during the normal use and operation of a program or website. Programmer errors are bugs and broken code that don’t allow the program to run correctly.

What is ‘event-driven’ programming?

Event-driven programming is programming that’s designed to respond to different inputs, or “events” triggered by the user.

What are ‘worker processes’?

A ‘worker process’ is the process that takes information from a user, then returns that information with the proper information.

Describe how Node.js can be made more scalable.

The three biggest things that help make…

What do you find challenging about coding?

Honestly the linking of JS and HTML is always the most annoying/hardest to envision in my mind. I can think about them both just fine separately, but putting everything together is where I often stumble.

Talk about a project that disappointed you. What would you change?

The first app we built with APIs was a little bit rushed for me. I was in a spot where I didn’t have much time outside of class to finetune. My sister from Wisconsin randomly showed up at my house unannounced, during this whole COVID thing. …

How do you organize your code? What are some suggestions you find on the web?

I try to write comments explaining my code as I write it. (try) And I make sure to keep all of my files in clearly labeled spots with clear names.

Can you describe your workflow when you create a web page or web app?

I almost always try to talk the problem out with someone if I’m in groups, which usually turns into a whiteboarding type situation. …

Talk about something that you learned this week.

We talked quite a bit about recursion this week. Recursion is basically taking a function that calls itself repeatedly, slowly getting closer to the condition you want it to meet. After the function is called enough times to meet the condition, it stops.

Explain Function.prototype.bind()

bind() allows a new function to be called, and has its this set to a specific value, which is declared in the function.

Describe Event Bubbling.

Event bubbling is what occurs when an DOM element is acted upon by a JS function. In event bubbling, the innermost…

Tell us about something you learned this week.

I cemented the ideas of object classes and constructors. Being able to create multiple objects in the same class can definitely help with coding functional programs.

What are the pros and cons of immutability?

From what I understand, it’s mostly pros. It allows for more control over your code, allows you to work with redux and react without as many issues. The only real con I could find is that sometimes it can be confusing if you use const on a value, but end up trying to change it later.

How can…

Describe one thing you’re learning in class today. Why do you think it will be important in your future web development journey?

I’m continuing to learn more about Object Oriented Programming. As far as I can tell, this is a skill that is sought after highly by employers.

Can you offer a use case for the new arrow => function syntax?

One use for arrow functions is when you need to call a function many times, such as adding to a list.

If you had an array of many different values and needed to use .map() on all of them…

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